What Type of CULT Girl are You?

There isn’t just one kind of girl in the world, and that’s what makes CULT girls so special. CULT girls aren’t afraid to let their personality shine – and they aren’t afraid to try on more than one style, look or trend. That’s because they’re so confident of what they are underneath that they know they can experiment with putting any face forward to the world that they want. CULT develops nail looks not just for the girl you are but for the girl you feel like being today. And that doesn’t have to be the same tomorrow! Which kind of CULT girl are you? Pick your style. Then change it tomorrow.

City Girl by CULTThe City Girl: Urban Chic + Nonstop

There’s no pink in this girl’s closet, and there’s no stop in her day either. She’s as active at 3:00pm when she’s busy at work with a Red Bull or a power latte as she is at 3:00am when she’s closing down the trendiest party. Her nails need to go from chic but no-nonsense work to “ready to party” with no transition. Her look needs to be edgy and she can’t afford to be behind trend because she’s the one who sets the trend.

She Idolizes: Demi Moore because she’s tough as nails. Nina Dobrev for her sleek style.

Her Designer: Jason Wu

Her City: NYC, all day, every day.

Her Blackbox: City Girl by CULT

City Girl Blackbox by CULTThree CULT shades that create an always on-trend look with a Botanical Basecoat to make sure here nails are always healthy underneath. Point Dume deep blue for a power color, Joshua Tree off-grid nude for a classic look and WeHo party glitter for a quick-transition to nighttime mode.

She takes care of business. And her business is being amazing.

Get Blackbox by CULT: City Girl

Modern Classic by CULTThe Modern Classic: A Throwback with Contemporary Edge

If she could live in a black and white movie, she would. But since she can’t, she embraces the style and class that her favorite movie stars of old did. But that doesn’t mean that she’s out-of-date. She’s unstoppably contemporary, but she knows how to weave class and sophistication through everything that she does. On her nails, she loves classic reds and art deco designs  - and she likes her lips and jewelry to match. Her style may be modern lines and edgy trends, but her base is all classics.

She Idolizes: Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Cyd Charisse

Her Designer: Coco Chanel

Her City: Old school Chicago

Her Blackbox: Modern Classic by CULT

Blackbox by CULT: Modern ClassicA timeless deep winter grey (Boneyards), a Hollywood-diva gold glitter (Stay Gold) and a vintage signature red (El Matador) combine with a dotting tool for classic designs that transcend era. The rich colors of this Blackbox dress up casual and complete formal looks.

Her colors, her style, her timeless beauty.

Get Blackbox by CULT: Modern Classic

BoHo Chic Blackbox by CULTThe BoHo Babe: Free Spirit + Natural Edge

When she’s not surfing, she’s climbing a mountain. She eats raw vegan because she genuinely likes it. That band that you’ve never heard of before? She’s been listening to them for a year already. Somehow, she always looks perfectly styled even though you just know she just grabbed some clothes off the floor and walked out of the door. She can show up at a black tie event in jeans and still be the most captivating person there – and you can’t remember the last time you saw her hair in anything other than a messy ponytail. How does this girl manage to be so effortlessly cool without even trying? It’s because she’s not so busymaking things happen that she stops just letting them happen.

She Idolizes: P!nk, Jennifer Lawrence

Her Designer: Levi’s and a good thrift store

Her City: San Francisco

Her Blackbox: BoHo Chic by CULT

BoHo Chic BlackboxOut-of-the-box colors with an emphasis on earth tones including grey-green Runyon polish, dusty rose and urban gypsy Rosebowl polish and melting brown Mulholland polish combine with a striping tool to create unique nail looks that aren’t too girlie. Pair these colors with jeans or your favorite beach pullover sweater. Either way, the look is casual trendy.

Get Blackbox by CULT: BoHo Chic


America's Sweetheart BlackboxAmerica’s Sweetheart: An Adorable Rebel in Pink

Her style is adorably sweet. But don’t let her outer prom queen fool you. On the inside she’s a rebel in pink who defines her own style. She likes to dress like fairytale princesses for Halloween, but with a slightly naughty edge. She’s not afraid to fight for what she thinks it right, but her manners are perfect and she’s generous to a fault. Somehow, no matter how old she gets, everybody mistakes her for twenty-five. She has big, romantic dreams and you have no doubt that she’ll make them all come true – even if one of them involves riding on a float in a Disney parade while wearing a tiara and drinking champagne.

She Idolizes: Kelly Clarkson, Judy Garland, Kate Middleton

Her Designer: Kate Spade with the occasional Besty Johnson Fun

Her City: Atlanta, Charlotte, Lexington

Her Blackbox: America’s Sweetheart by CULT

Blackbox: America's SweetheartThis Blackbox combines the darling pinks and golds you love with modern accents. Los Feliz is an urban garden orchid inspired by the town that served as the original Disney inspiration. Abbot Kinney is a softer, glitter antique gold. Hollywood Hills is a ballerina pink inspired by LA’s urban princesses.

Get Blackbox by CULT: America’s Sweetheart

Blackbox by CULT: Modern classic combines timeless Hollywood colors with a dotting tool to create designs that define an area. Today, we’ve got a complete step-by-step tutorial for creating this design using the Modern Classic Blackbox.

Modern Classic Nail Polish Kit by CULTModern Classic Blackbox by CULT

This nail polish look is classic with a modern twist. Are you?

Three classic nail colors, one nail art tool + a tutorial for just $9.99.

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CULT Nail Polish in Action: Los Feliz

Los Feliz Orchid Nail Polish by CULT

Los Feliz: Urban Flower + Lifelong Romantic

The Color:  A one-coat, hyper-pigmented  wild orchid that’s more urban flower than English garden. For the city girl with a hopelessly romantic sweet side that she just can’t hide.

Los Feliz CULT PolishInspired By: The original Disneyland inspiration of Los Feliz.

Who Wears It:  She’s a sweetheart who still smiles at the Mickey Mouse courting Minnie, loves bows in her hair and heart-shaped rings. But she’s also got an urban edge and wears her pinks darker, her purples lusher and her metallic with a sharper sheen.  She wants the big, romantic engagement ring, but she wants it set in platinum instead of gold. She loves a good romance novel, but she prefers to read it on the balcony of her top floor condo.

The Quote:  “A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.” Charlie Chaplin

America's Sweetheart Blackbox  by CULTAvailable In: Blackbox by CULT: America’s Sweetheart

Don’t let your outer prom queen fool them.

On the inside you’re a rebel in pink who defines her own style with these pinks with a modern twist.

Get Blackbox by CULT: America’s Sweetheart

CULT Nail Polish in Action: Abbot Kinney

Abbot Kinney Metallic Antique Gold Polish by CULT

Abbot Kinney by CULT: Style Revolutionary. Still Romantic. 

The Color:  A one-coat, hyper-pigmented metallic antique gold that combines modern style with classic romance. Perfect for the girl who keeps control while still believing in true love.

Abbot Kinney Polish in the America's Sweetheart BlackboxInspired By:  The artistic and chic renaissance of Venice Beach’s Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Who Wears It: She always knows where the new, hot neighborhood is, which restaurants she should eat at there and where the best shops for creating a truly unique style are.  She likes places that not everybody goes to – only people in the know. She’s the master of taking a two hour lunch to sit out in the sun and do some shopping. Somehow, no matter how hard you try, you’re never able to replicate her look.  She believes in deep kisses, hand-crafted metal jewelry and choosing cool little boutiques over Neiman’s any day.

The Quote:  “I love romance. I’m a sucker for it. I love it so much. It’s pathetic.” Drew Barrymore

America's Sweetheart Blackbox  by CULTAvailable In: Blackbox by CULT: America’s Sweetheart

Don’t let your outer prom queen fool them.

On the inside you’re a rebel in pink who defines her own style with these pinks with a modern twist.

Get Blackbox by CULT: America’s Sweetheart

Five Nail Trends for Spring 2014: Moon Nails

Half moon nails were hot this fall, and their trendiness is carrying over to spring 2014. Moon nails were the look on the runway for Milly, Jenni Kayne, Dannijo, Alexis Mabille, Lela Rose, Hughes, Peter Som and Mila Schon. Not only is this look an easy and understated way to incorporate nail art into your look, but it can be used with just about any color palette or combination. Get inspired with some of our favorite moon mani designs from the Cult below.

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Moon Mani for Spring 2014: Look 1

These black nails with green glitter definitely look right at home in a luxury car. We’re a little jealous of @heatherrosengrant

Moon Mani for Spring 2014: Look 2

Half moon is everything this spring. So is glitter. So is @kendraallyse

Moon Mani for Spring 2014: Look 3

Half-moon nails are everything this spring. @cuban_diva takes them club style with black and silver glitter.

Moon Mani for Spring 2014: Look 4

We love, LOVE, using Tiffany and Co. colors on our nails. Combine them with the on-trend half-moon design and you have this amazing look from @cnw013

Moon Mani for Spring 2014: Look 5

Sunshine and strawberry wine. That’s what these nails from @kadamnamrata make us think of.

Catalina Nail Polish by CULTCULT Catalina Polish

Inner Peace is Always Chic

This island inspired blue is perfect for that girl whose always got her inner zen on.

Get Catalina

Five Nail Trends for Spring 2014: Easter Colors

There doesn’t seem to be on major signature shade for spring nail colors this year, but there’s definitely a palette. Easter pastels are always a go-to in the spring, but this year’s Easter colors are more pigmented, richer and bolder than your typical light Easter spring shades. Think jelly beans and bubble gum pinks. Or take a look at the nails from the runway shows for Custo Barcelona, Burberry Prorsum, Fausto Puglisi, Gareth Pugh, Just Cavalli and NoNoo. Thing spring and happy but amped up. Take a look at some examples we’ve found below or move on to the last trend for Spring 2014 nails.

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Easter Color Nails for Spring: Look One

The only thing more girlie than a French tip is a French tip that has flowers on it. Love this one from @nailcrazedgirl 

Think. spring! @kerry_fingertips is with this bright blue butterfly nail design.

Easter Nail Colors for Spring 2014: Look Three

CULT Catalina polish is an ideal Easter egg blue for this spring’s pigmented color trends.

Easter Colors for Spring 2014: Look 4

This amazing fashion nail look by @eileenreis was done using the colors she received in her first Blackbox! We love the look. All style.

Easter Color Nails for Spring 2014: Look Five

Who says you can’t do spring floral in the winter? You can if you’re holidaying somewhere warm like @cassgooner 

Catalina Nail Polish by CULTCULT Catalina Polish

Inner Peace is Always Chic

This island inspired blue is perfect for that girl whose always got her inner zen on.

Get Catalina

Five Nail Trends for Spring 2014: Stripe Accents

There’s no doubt that the most popular nail trend on the runways for spring 2014 was bold stripes – either as a complete nail look or as a singular stripe to create an accent. ICB by Prabal Gurung, Tracy Reese, Manish Arora, JINsoon Obsidian, Emerson and Zimmerman all showed bold striped looks on their models’ nails. Striping is one of the easiest forms of nail art to do, so it’s all about how you use the stripe to create a look. Here are some of our favorites to get you inspired.

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Striped Nails for Fall 2014: Look One

Ladies, THIS is how you use striping tape! Amazing look by @maddietepper 

Striped Nails for Fall 2014: Look Two

A bold black stripe is always something we love. That means we all love @nailedpolish for the amazing design.

Striped Nails for Spring 2014: Look Three

Take fall’s hot lichen green and pair it with a perfectly placed stripe accent nail like these nails from @mewmewkendra

For a little city twist, we love these black and white nails with a taxi yellow element.

Striped Nails for Spring 2013: Look 5

Beehive stripes are perfect nails for queen bees like @thunderbadgers 

Nail Striping Tape by CULTStriping Tape for Perfectly Aligned Nails

Perfect stripes. Every time. 

Ten colors of striping tape to create perfect lines on any nail design.

Get Your Pro Striping Tape

Five Nail Trends for Spring 2014: Metallic Nails

Metallic nails are the second bit trend for spring 2014, and they were all over the runway shows. 3.1 Phillip Lim, Elie Saab, Maison Rabin Kayrouz, Nina Ricci, Tadashi Shoji and Nicole Miller all featured metallic nails in their runways shows. The good news is that there wasn’t an emphasis on which metallic shade was used, so you can pick whatever the best metallic shade for you or your nail design is (we have tips on picking the right metallic nail shade for you). Get inspired for this trend with some of our favorite metallic looks out there.

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Metallic Chrome Nails

We’re so in love with the look that @CHAPLINNN / minipennyblog.com created using her November Blackbox colors and a metallic chrome.

Metallic Copper Nails

These nails are art deco meets fall leaves with a metallic edge. @jkayna makes us swoon. Bronze is an ideal way to mix up the metallic trend.

Metallic Stamping Nails

We love metallics (there are some great ones coming in our January collection), which means we super adore this metallic stamp nail design by @kerry_fingertips

WeHo Nail Polish by CULTCULT WeHo Polish

It’s Your Party

Your party lasts all day, all night. Keep it going with this graffiti glitter from CULT.

Get WeHo

Five Nail Trends for Spring 2014: White Nails

It may be snowing in half the country right now, but the but the runway shows for spring 2014 have come and gone and we know what to expect. What do your nails need to look like to be on-trend and perfectly stylish for 2014′s spring looks? Here are the five trends to watch.

Trend One: Embellished White Nails

White is the base color for nails this spring, and what’s on top of that base can range from extremely detailed to very subtle to blinged out. Cushnie et Ochs, Honor, Charlotte Ronson, Kate Spade and Kye were all showing nails with white bases and top designs on them this runway season. From subtle bling in the form of Swarovski crystals to single stripes to bold polka dot patterns, a white base with a black and color accented pattern is on your need list for spring 2014.

Our favorites from the CULT? Take a look.

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White Base Nails for 2014: Look 1

These black and white nails from Wink and Blush were inspired by classic Chanel.

White Base Nails for Spring 2014: Look 2

@cassgooner is recreating a classic nail design, but she does it so well that we had to share it with everybody.

White Base Nails for Spring 2014: Look Three

We do love bling. And we do love black and white. So we really love these nails from @pretty_npolished.

Our Tip for a Simple Way to Embellish White Nails: If you’re looking for a simple way to embellish a white nail base, the answer is Hollywood Forever by CULT. It’s an iridescent graffiti glitter that turns plain white polish into a magical party!

Hollywood Forever Nail Polish by CULT

CULT Hollywood Forever Polish

It’s Your Party.

Graffiti glitter with an opalescent glow that goes on like magic over any base color.

Get Hollywood Fore

Are You Part of the Cult? She is!

Go girl, it’s your birthday! Adorabs from @pretty_npolished